A New Book by Michelle Oram

I have written about Pencils NEPA, a writing group that I was fortunate to be introduced to many years ago. They are professionals and beginners all with a passion for writing. They hold you accountable, offer great advice/feedback, and are the nicest people.

One of those people is Michelle Oram. From the moment I met her, it was obvious that this woman was a source of kindness, warmth and magic. I have enjoyed her performances as well as her writing over the years.

I want to introduce you to Michelle and her new book…

Song of Me a story of healing, acceptance and self-love.

A poem can orchestrate a chapter of life on a single page. My words sing to the highs and lows of my existence. No matter what life left at my doorstep, there was always a song to help me, understand me, and pluck at my heartstrings—making me feel it was written just for me.

I spent my life in search of family, haunted by the demons of my ancestors. My journey led me down many paths in pursuit of a melody understood. Some were rooted in nature’s symphonic glory and others so dark I lost my voice and identity. Yet each time a bird in hand, a sign of promise and hope, rescued me and gave me the courage to move on.

I hope my poetic memoir touches your soul and inspires you to begin and end each day with a song.

About Michelle Oram:

After graduating from the Boston Conservatory of Music, Michelle explored breath-body mastery and integrated Eastern and Western approaches of yoga, tai-chi, Alexander, and Bel Canto techniques to help her get out of her head and into her heart again. She founded Stagestruck Performing Arts Center where she developed art, dance, drama, musical theatre, and vocal programs for thousands of students from ages three to adult. Many of her students have performed and directed on and off Broadway. Some are composers, vocal coaches, songwriters, dancers, teachers, music therapists and yoga instructors, but all share one thing in common—the importance of music in their daily lives.

After decades in the performing arts, Michelle began her quest as a writer. Perhaps, it was a lifetime of music that inspired her writing to take flight in poetry which has since appeared in many journals and chapbooks including Local Gems Press, NJ, Bards Northeast Poetry Review and The Journal.

In 2017 she published her first children’s book; Songs of the Woods encouraging children to begin and end each day with a song from the heart. Michelle composed the accompanying music.

Throughout her journey Michelle has been fortunate to sing with some amazing big bands and jazz ensembles. She hosts Open Mics for Writers and Poets and is breaking new ground with her Jazz Poetry. You can find Michelle performing in area venues and festivals.

For more info check out her website: