Literacy Adds Color to Your World



The Power of Community Collaboration 

Wallenpaupack Area High School offers outstanding education and career opportunities, in part to Colleen Edwards, Wallenpaupack Area Career Coordinator. I first met Ms. Edwards about five years ago and in that time we have co-created some amazing programs.  That is why I approached her for help with a project to create a video for a local non-profit organization. The dynamic result shows the power of community collaboration.

The Wayne Pike Adult Literacy Program (WPALP) was looking for assistance in creating several short videos to document its participants – both tutors and students. Ms. Edwards presented the challenge to David Jackman, Video/Photography teacher. Mr. Jackman didn’t hesitate to accept the challenge and present it to his students. Brynn Wierbowski answered the call. Brynn is a sophomore with an interest in video production. With a firm grasp of the scope of the project, Brynn brought in her friend and colleague, Zach Kiesendahl. Under the supervision of Mr. Jackman, Brynn and Zach worked closely with me, a WPALP Board member, and creative director for the project.

I asked David Jackman to comment, his response, “This project speaks to the value of connecting outside business with students to gain ‘real world’ experience. Working with a client is very different than creating a personal video. This helps students better understand the skills and expectations needed for a career in broadcast communication.”



What truly moves me about WPALP is that everyone involved has a story to tell. I was very excited to see these videos come to life but wanted to ensure they would be of quality worthy of the content. Working with Brynn and Zach was a true pleasure. One might easily forget that they are high school students. They are professional and talented as you can well see in the results as they are outstanding. When you imagine a world without being able to read – books, texts, directions, prescriptions, letters, menus, street signs, applications, contracts… love letters, it is mindboggling.  Everyone seeking to learn has an amazing story but so too the tutors. The commitment of time and energy is significant. The bonds that are created are life-altering.

The project will include several short videos that focus on a campaign bringing awareness to adult literacy. The campaign slogan, Literacy Adds Color to Your World, was shot black and white in a documentary style.  Annette Petry, WPALP Board President and tutor, was selected for the first video. The result is powerful and provokes deep emotion.


The video release is scheduled for March 1st, 2016. You can view the video at:

The next video currently in preproduction is a little different in that it will document one of the most significant tutors from the area who passed away in 2013, Rose Robacker.  For those who knew Rose, you know what an amazing life this woman lived. Anyone who would like to contribute photos, information and/or their own experience with Rose are invited to contact me by April 1st